Whether you’re planning an upgrade to your yard or just want to make some changes to what you have, there are several reasons why a professional Houston tree pruning company may be a better option than a do-it-yourself effort. For instance, if you have trees, a tree pruning crew could remove the dead, damaged, or diseased branches that are causing the most issues. If you’re having trouble keeping your trees healthy and beautiful, a crew will help you get those branches trimmed back before they can become dangerous.

As for removing trees, tree pruning and removal can include everything from tree felling to the application of sod and mulch. The most common tasks involved in tree pruning and removal include the removal of diseased and dying branches, removing unwanted plants, removing limbs that are too long and thick, and even root pruning of roots that may be growing too far underground.

The process of removal and pruning includes a variety of techniques, including root barriers and sod removal. Root barriers are designed to keep soil moisture levels under control so that roots can grow and thrive. The sod is designed to keep the growth confined to a specific area where roots can thrive, or to a specific shape so that the growth is limited only to a specific area. In combination, these two tools allow you to control the growth rate of your tree.

In addition to removing unwanted plant life and limbs, tree pruning also includes the removal of fallen or broken trees. The majority of trees have a root system, but some simply have hollowed out core. In such cases, this core will develop an abnormal growth pattern that is incompatible with surrounding conditions. This abnormal growth can lead to a tree’s death, as well as the formation of unsightly holes in the ground and the need for emergency tree removal services.

Once the sod is applied, it is important to place barriers around the sod to ensure that roots are not damaged by heavy rain. This is especially important if you have a large tree that has to stand on stumps. If you have to move your tree into an existing lawn space, consider putting a barrier on top of the sod first, and then covering the entire tree with sod. To save energy and money on labor costs, you can hire a service that cuts the sod and moves the tree right next to the home. If you are unsure about whether the tree should be moved or placed directly on the grass, contact a local tree specialist.

Once the sod is installed and the root barriers are in place, your tree is now protected from unsightly growth and disease. The sod and mulch are applied and the tree root barriers in place, you can then start preparing for the actual installation of sod.