Save the Rhinos is a British-based non-profit organisation, in terms of overall funding raised and awards given, and in terms of position and reputation. They started fundraising for rhino conservation programmes in 1992 and have been formally registered as a charitable organisation in 1995.

The charity was established by David Shepherd and David Ndereba, who had worked on the issue of Rhinoceros extinction in Africa. Shepherd was born in South Africa where the two spent many years working in the area of conservation with endangered species. During that time, he met many people that had also worked on the same issues of rhinoceros protection in Africa. In addition to this, they realised that the lack of international funding for these programmes meant that the conservationists that they knew would be forced out of work or even killed if the funds were not increased.

This led them to search for funds for their own programmes, which they managed to raise over $2 million for. However, when it came to finding additional sources of funding, they did not find many options. This is because it was clear to them that there was a lack of interest from philanthropic organisations to fund programmes such as these.

There are many reasons why the situation in Africa where the rhinos live is so bad. One reason is poaching and hunting. Rhinos are often shot down and killed in an effort to make them easier to catch. They are also often poached for the sake of their horns and skin. This, combined with the lack of funding for conservation programmes, has resulted in the rhinos being forced to survive in a degraded state.

Another reason why rhinos are endangered is the habitat that they live in. This includes areas where they live alongside other animals such as elephants and hippos. Because of their size, they are often hunted by other creatures, which results in them becoming vulnerable to disease. This is because they cannot fight back against attackers when threatened and because they are so vulnerable.

The rhinos that remain at the Ol Pekela Reserve in South Africa are being monitored closely to ensure that they survive. As well as monitoring these animals, the reserve is used to educating others about the need to prevent rhino poaching.

It is hoped that by increasing awareness around the problem of rhino poaching, this will help to reduce the amount of people that are buying illegal ivory. This is an important reason that it is important to raise the awareness of those that are buying the ivory in order to stop illegal activities in the area and reduce the risk of the animals being killed. Many conservation programmes that are in place now can help to reduce the level of poaching and increase the number of rhinos in an area.

Therefore, the rhinos will live on into the future. If you are committed to saving the rhinos then there are many organisations that are trying to help to save the rhinos, but they may need your help.