how often should fire extinguishers be checked

Fire Extinguishers are one of those things that we have to consistently check and change in our home or business. There is nothing more devastating than watching a family get scattered into the carpet because of a spark from a candle or electric bulb. This can not only ruin the clothes, but it can also damage furniture and even personal belongings. If you have one of these in your house, always check it twice a year and replace it if necessary.

When most people think of fire extinguishers they think of them as a way to put out small contained fires. While this is true, they can also extinguish flames from all sides and protect you and your family from harm due to unexpected fires in your home. It is important to own several types of these fire extinguishers so that you will have one on hand for just about any fire that occurs. Having an extra fire extinguisher on your keychain will make sure that you will be able to quickly put out small accidental fires that you may encounter in the kitchen or anywhere else.

Of course having a lot of fire extinguishers is no good if they are not used properly. You should always read the instructions that come with them and ensure that you follow all of the safety precautions that go along with them. For example, do not use a glass fire extinguisher if the rest of them are glass. This can lead to a serious injury if a glass accidentally breaks, which can happen when you least expect it.

Another thing to remember when checking your fire extinguishers is never to leave them in places where children are playing. Even when everyone is gone, it is still easy for children to get hold of a fire extinguisher and start a small fire. Children also like to play with fire prevention equipment and can be careless. They may not realize what is wrong with a fire extinguisher and not touch it. While some people may call you a dirty person for leaving fire equipment out, it is still much better for you to make sure that it is in a place where children cannot reach it.

How often should fire extinguishers be checked ? This is something that you should decide based on your own situation. You should check them once a year, in particular if you use them frequently in the kitchen or anywhere else where there is cooking. You should also check them more often in larger buildings. If your business uses gas, then you should also check the gas cylinders regularly to ensure that they are not leaking.

If you are someone who does not spend a great deal of time around the stove or around the kitchen, then it might not be as important for you to have a large number of fire extinguishers. However, if you are in these situations constantly, you should make sure that you have a sufficient number of them. For example, if you are running a restaurant that uses gas appliances, you should buy at least two electric ones and three gas fire extinguishers. You should keep a fire extinguisher in your glove compartment and a spare in your car.

Of course, no matter how often you should check the fire extinguishers, you should never forget to do so in the event of a fire emergency. If you are using a gas fire extinguisher, you should put the cap back on before you leave the house and replace the fire extinguisher when you go back. If you have an electrical fire extinguisher, you should turn it off when you go home and remove the cap before turning it on. It is also important to check the lids of any tools that you use when using them to ensure that they are not leaking dangerous fluids and allowing the fire to get the upper hand.

If you have been thinking about purchasing fire extinguishers for quite some time now, it is important that you get one. This will help ensure that you do not ever have to deal with a fire outbreak in your home. However, before you buy the extinguishers, you should know how often they should be checked for fire hazard prevention. If you think that you are not very careful with how often you check the fire extinguishers in your home, you should take some time to learn how to do so properly. If you follow this recommendation, you will find that you are much more likely to have the fire extinguishers that you need in your home.