Locate Your Ideal Men’s Duffle Bag

When it comes to hauling your stuff, there are plenty of options to choose from: roller luggage, backpacks, messenger bags and duffels. While suitcases are generally more durable and offer more protection for your gear, duffel bags tend to be lighter and more versatile—perfect for short trips or daily commuting. They also typically hold more gear than smaller bags, and many men choose to carry a larger duffel bag (typically a travel duffle or gym duffel) with them in addition to a separate daypack or laptop bag for their “daily essentials.”

There are all kinds of men’s travel duffel Locate Your Ideal Men’s Duffle Bag Here leather to consider: huge duffels that stray well beyond the 50-pound airline baggage limit, water-resistant travel duffle bags, and men’s travel duffel bags with backpack straps that convert them into backpacks. Some even come with removable compartment inserts that help maximize your packing space. The right men’s duffel bag will be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of being tossed around, dragged out of vehicle trunks and into baggage compartments, but it should also complement your personal style.

If you’re frequently commuting by car, train or bus, a canvas duffle bag might be a better fit. It’s more subtle than a polyester duffel bag, and it can look a lot more professional if you’re concerned about meeting up with co-workers or clients on the go. You might also opt for a military-inspired tactical extended duffle bag with an expandable body that can convert into a backpack or crossbody bag for additional versatility.

Whether you’re a gym rat or frequent traveler, a black leather duffle bag can make a strong fashion statement in any setting. Look for one that’s crafted of genuine full grain leather, which will develop a beautiful patina with use that looks both aged and polished at the same time. Avoid bags crafted of bonded leather, which is scrap or faux leather that’s been chemically treated and glued together.

When it’s time to pack for a weekend getaway, a travel duffle bag with plenty of room for your workout clothes and accessories is a good choice. Look for a large main compartment that can comfortably fit all your gear, plus a separate zippered pocket for your electronics and a toiletry bag for those quick showers you might encounter while away from home. You can also maximize the capacity of your trip-ready travel duffle with a compression pad that reduces the size of your gear.

Regardless of where you’re headed, the right men’s travel duffle bag will keep you prepared for anything that life might throw at you. So take a deep breath and pick out the ideal one for your next adventure. You’ll be glad you did. Shop the selection of top quality, durable mens travel duffle bags at Old Town Leathergoods today. We’re always ready to help with any questions you might have. We also offer monogram services for those who are looking to further customize their new mens leather weekender bag.