Morrisonite Jasper

Morrisonite jasper is one of the most beautiful and colorful jaspers available. Its chalcedony has iron and aluminum inclusions that contribute to its wide range of hues and textures. It is also a very hard rock, making it an ideal material for lapidary enthusiasts and jewelry craftsmen. It is prized for its dramatic color palettes that feature emerald greens, teals and shades of olive. These colors are usually organized in banded or concentric gradients. The stone’s textured surface is often mottled with beige and brown tones. It is known for its ability to evoke feelings of peace, tranquility and contentment in the wearer.

Morrisonite jasper can inspire a more accepting attitude towards change and transformation in your life. It will help you remove the blinders that keep you from seeing your current situation clearly. It will also support you as you face any new challenges that come your way. morrisonite jasper can also light up that part of your heart that feels empty or lacking. It will encourage you to be more courageous and brave, so you can fill this void with a renewed sense of purpose and strength.

The most well-known and distinctive pattern exhibited by morrisonite jasper is the occurrence of streamers or “reseals.” These are different colored lines that appear in mass on the surface of the gem, creating a weblike pattern. They are the result of fractures and separations within the original jasper, that are filled in with more chalcedony. Occasionally, a brecciated pattern may also occur in which the different fragments of the jasper are broken up and reassembled into unique shapes.

Other patterns of morrisonite jasper include swirls, agates and hematite-like inclusions. The stone can have a matte or polished surface. Depending on the mineral composition, some specimens may have an almost glass-like transparency that is not found in other types of jaspers.

One of the most sought-after forms of this gemstone is that of a cabochon. Morrisonite is considered one of the premium jaspers, as it is very hard and durable. Specimens with the most desirable coloring and a high quality finish are usually quite expensive. They are also highly sought by collectors.

This lovely cabochon of Morrisonite Jasper is a great example of the beauty that this rare and hard-to-find gem can produce. This top shelf cabochon features dramatic patterned sections in various shades of tan with blue/green orby sections. It is a great addition to any jewelry collection and would make a stunning focal point in a piece of fine jewelry.

This cabochon measures 45×25 mm and weighs 75 cts. It was cut by hand and is professionally finished. This cabochon is available for purchase now in our online store. It comes with a ring that is hand fabricated from Sterling Silver. The ring is size 6.5 currently but can be sized up or down upon request. Please inquire for more information. The ring can be purchased with or without the gemstone.